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If you need help with research costings you should contact Controller Pontus Brudin at the faculty office.

Lund University administers several travel and research grants. Most of them are announced twice a year, in February and September. Others have specific deadlines. The faculty announces current application periods.

The university's travel and research grants website.

With the tool Pivot-RP, employees at Lund University can monitor national and international calls for research funding. You can create your own login to set up alerts.

Pivot-RP website

Lund University has a department called Research Services, which provides help and support to researchers and research groups on issues of external research funding.

Research Services website

Funding bodies

Below is a list of funding bodies where researchers can apply for financial support.

County Administrative Boards common fundation database is for all of you who are looking for a particular foundation or who are looking for foundations with a specific purpose, such as to search for scholarships and grants.

The County Administrative Board's database (in Swedish).

The purpose of Emil Heijnes foundation for judisprudential research is to promote judisprudential research as well as to support teaching law and leave, for that reason, research grant for lawyers, judges, and others at the countries general courts. right forming employees and teachers at the universities in Sweden. The address of the foundation is:

c/o lawyer Anne Ramberg,
Sveriges advokatsamfund,
Box 273 21
102 54 Stockholm.

Application forms can be ordered from Charlott Vahlberg at +46-8-459 03 17.

Emil Heijne's foundation's website.

Foundation for Jurisprudential Research grant writers for the development of legal science works and certain research fellowships at the Swedish law schools.

The Foundation for Jurisprudential Research website.

The purpose of Kungl. Gustav Adolfs Akademien is to promote research regarding Swedish folk culture.

The Kungl. Gustav Adolfs Akademien's website.

Mistra – the Foundation for Strategic and Environmental Research. The aim of the foundation is to support research of strategic importance for a good living environment. Mistra funds and organises research aimed at solving strategic environmental problems. A Mistra programme is considered a success when scientifically advanced research has been put to practical use in companies, authorities or other organisations.

The Foundation for Strategic and Environmental Research's (Mistra) website.

Joint Committee for Nordic Research Councils for the Humanities and the Social Sciences (NOH-HS) invites applications including founds for Nordic journals: The Councils for Research in the humanities and social sciences in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden have formed a joint board for the purpose of allocating grants to Nordic scientific periodicals (NOP-HS).

The Joint Committee for Nordic Research Councils for the Humanities and the Social Sciences's (NOH-HS) website.

The purpose of Ragnar Söderbergs stiftelse is to promote scientific reseach and scientific education and study activities whereas preferably the economic, medicin and jurisprudential areas will be concerned.

Ragnar Söderbergs foundation's website (in Swedish).

Swedish Competition Authority is a state authority working in order to safeguard and increase competition and supervise public procurement in Sweden. The goal of Swedish competition policy is well functioning markets. Our vision is "Economic welfare through effective markets".

The Swedish Competition Authority's website.

Swedish Environmental Protection Agency is the national agency for environmental protection and nature conservation as well as outdoor recreation and hunting issues. Its key tasks are to present proposals for environmental policy and legislation to the Swedish Government and ensure that environmental policy decisions are implemented.

The Swedish Competition Authority's website.

Swedish Fulbright Commission for Educational Exchange between the United States and Sweden.

The Swedish Fulbright Commission's website.

Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) - Sida is a government agency and is responsible for the majority of Swedens aid or international development cooperation as it is called in formal contexts. Sia is also responsible for a large part of the Swedish cooperation with Central and Eastern Europe.

The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency's (Sida) website.

Swedish Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare (FORTE): The mission and objective is to promote the accumulation of knowledge in matters relating to working life and the understanding of social conditions and processes through stödjer och initierar grundläggande forskning och behovsstyrd forskning av hög vetenskaplig kvalitet inom områdena arbetsmarknad, arbetsorganisation, arbete och hälsa, folkhälsa, välfärd, omsorg och sociala relationer.

The Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare's (FORTE) website.

The Crafoord Foundation. Holger Crafoord established the Crafoord Foundation in 1980 and made an initial donation of SEK 3 million. The aim of the Crafoord Foundation is to:

"…without a view to making a profit for a given individual person or organization, promote scientific training and research and also the care, upbringing and education of children and young people."

"Moreover, but only insofar as not to contravene the main purposes of the Foundation as specified above, the Foundation may also promote charitable, social, artistic, sporting or other purposes of public benefit …"

Thanks to further donations by Anna-Greta and Holger Crafoord and to appreciation in value, the Foundation's capital had risen to SEK 1,991 million on 31 December 2007. The Foundation is an independent legal entity and is led by a board.

The Crafoord Foundation's website.

The Institute for Labour Market Policy and Evaluation (IFAU) studies and distributes information about the effects of labour market policy, education policy, social insurance policy and the functioning of the labour market.

The Institute for Labour Market Policy and Evaluation's (IFAU) website.

Riksbankens Jubiléumsfond (the Swedish Foundation for Humanities and Social Sciences) is an independent foundation with the goal of promoting and supporting research in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

The Swedish Foundation for Humanities and Social Science's website.

The Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education (STINT) is part of a group of Swedish research foundations that were formed in 1994. The foundation’s mandate is to internationalize Swedish higher education and research. This mandate covers all academic fields and disciplines. International contacts and genuine experience working in academia abroad should be viewed as a natural and necessary feature of higher education.

The Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education's (STINT) website.

The Swedish Institute is a public agency that promotes interest in Sweden abroad. SI seeks to establish cooperation and lasting relations with other countries through active communication and cultural, educational and scientific exchanges. The SI’s operations are carried out in close cooperation with Swedish and foreign partners, as well as with Swedish embassies and consulates around the world.

The Swedish Institute's website.

The Swedish Insurance Society - seek financial assistance for insurance projects and participation in field trips.

The Swedish Insurance Society's website.

The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brottsförebyggande rådet - BRÅ) works to reduce crime and improve levels of safety in society by producing data and disseminating knowledge on crime and crime prevention work. The Council also produces Sweden’s official crime statistics, evaluates reforms, conducts research to develop new knowledge and provides support to local crime prevention work.
The Council works on the commission of the Swedish Government, often in collaboration with other organisations and public sector agencies.

The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention's website.

The Swedish Research Council offers various forms of support in order to promote Swedish research in the best manner. We offer project support, support for academic posts and fellowships, support for research tools and infrastructure, support for research environments, research collaboration and research schools and also international collaboration. Most of the Council´s grants go to projects initiated by researchers themselves and which have been assessed as being the most promising by other researchers in the peer review procedure.

The Swedish Research Council's website.

The purpose of Torsten Söderbergs stiftelse is to promote scientific research, teaching or study activity whereas preferably the economic, medical and judisprudential areas will be concerned.

The Torsten Söderbergs foundation's website (in Swedish).

Wenner-Gren Foundations support international scientific exchange.

The Wenner-Gren Foundations' website.


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Research Funding Advisor
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