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Strategies and guidelines

Strategies and guidelines translated into English. More plans and documents are available on the Swedish website.

Strategic plan and action plans

The strategic plan of the Faculty of Law is based on the Lund University strategic plan for 2017–2026.

In this plan, the visions, goals and strategies expressed in the University's common strategic plan are adapted to the particular circumstances of the Faculty of Law. The plan forms the basis for the faculty's action plans in various areas.

Strategic plan, Faculty of Law 2018-2026 (PDF, 2.1 MB, new tab)

Lund University Strategic Plan -

Other plans and guidelines

The Appointment Rules contain the rules for employment that the Lund University applies. The regulations are based on the university offering a clear and transparent path to employment and continued career development.

The Rules of Procedure aims to provide support in the practical work of recruitment and promotion of teachers and contains a description of the process and the various elements involved.

The Academic Qualification Portfolio is a template that can be used, for example, when applying for employment as a teacher.

The title reader signifies a certain level of expertise and the aim is to meet the University's needs of qualified staff. The guidelines for readership appointments covers assessment criterias as well as procedure and assessment

Guidelines for the appointment of associate professors at the Faculty of Law (PDF, 312 kB, new tab)

The Faculty of Law's Talent management plan focuses on recruitment as well as continuing professional development and career development. In addition, talent management additionally deals with change and development of work duties, organisation and good working conditions.

The Talent management plan's validity period has been extended up to and including 2023-10-01 according to the Faculty Board's decision as of 2022-11-23.

The Faculty of Law's management plans 2023-2025 enters into force on 2 October 2023 according to the decision of the Faculty of Law Board on 2023-05-24.

Talent management plan 2020-2022 (PDF, new tab)

Talent management plan 2023-2025 (PDF, 322 kB, new tab)

An important task for Lund University is creating a good and safe work environment. Preventive work environment management leads to a work environment that benefits both you and your colleagues.

If an employee of Lund University or a person with a permanent workplace at the University is injured during working hours, the injury must be reported to the line manager.

Action plan in the Event of a Death or Serious Personal Injury (PDF, 330 kB, new tab)

Action plan for the Work and Study Environment 2023-2025 (PDF, 170 kB, new tab)

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