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Press and media contact

Faculty researchers often appear in the media in areas where expertise in law and the legal system is needed.

In the university's newsroom on Cision you will find press releases from the entire university.

University newsroom.

Want to find a faculty researcher in a particular field?

Feel free to contact our press contact, look at our expert lists under preparation or search in the Research Portal.

Researchers at the faculty in the Research Portal.

Expert lists for the media

  • Ulrika Andersson, professor of criminal law
    Areas: sexual offences, violence against women, evidence, sentencing, criminal policy.
    ulrika [dot] andersson [at] jur [dot] lu [dot] se (ulrika[dot]andersson[at]jur[dot]lu[dot]se), +46 46 222 11 14
  • Tova Bennet, associate senior lecturer
    Areas: general criminal law, criminal responsibility, mens rea, insanity defence, offenders with mental disorder or disability, forensic psychiatry, expert evidence, justification of punishment.
    tova [dot] bennet [at] jur [dot] lu [dot] se (tova[dot]bennet[at]jur[dot]lu[dot]se), +46 46 222 10 25
  • Christian Dahlman, professor of jurisprudence, law and philosphy
    Areas: Expert in the evaluation of evidence.
    christian [dot] dahlman [at] jur [dot] lu [dot] se (christian[dot]dahlman[at]jur[dot]lu[dot]se), +46 70 666 02 39 
  • Sverker Jönsson, senior lecturer in criminal law
    Areas: criminal policy, economic crime, drug offences, evaluation of evidence in serious crimes, preliminary investigations, responsibility in health care, crimes in popular culture.
    sverker [dot] jonsson [at] jur [dot] lu [dot] se (sverker[dot]jonsson[at]jur[dot]lu[dot]se)+46 46 222 11 21
  • Anna Sonnsjö Andersson, PhD student in criminal law
    Areas: labour market exploitation in context of criminal law and labour law.
    anna [dot] sonnsjo_andersson [at] jur [dot] lu [dot] se (anna[dot]sonnsjo_andersson[at]jur[dot]lu[dot]se)+46 46 222 12 69
  • Christoffer Wong, senior lecturer in criminal law
    Areas: general criminal law, intent and liability, coercive measures such as detention, interception and surveillance, international criminal law, such as the Estonia wreck and the Nordstream leak.
    christoffer [dot] wong [at] jur [dot] lu [dot] se (christoffer[dot]wong[at]jur[dot]lu[dot]se), +46 46 222 10 38
  • Linnea Wegerstad, senior lecturer in criminal law
    Area: sexual offences, abortion, sexual orientation, violent offences, defamation, #metoo, but also general questions about courts, sentencing and sanctions.
    linnea [dot] wegerstad [at] jur [dot] lu [dot] se (linnea[dot]wegerstad[at]jur[dot]lu[dot]se), +46 46 222 11 16

  • Birgitta Nyström, professor of civil law
    Areas: labour law, EU labour law, labour market, collective agreements, negotiations, industrial action, employment contracts, employment protection (LAS), management.
    birgitta [dot] nystrom [at] jur [dot] lu [dot] se (birgitta[dot]nystrom[at]jur[dot]lu[dot]se), +46 70 999 35 67
  • Mia Rönnmar, professor of civil law
    Areas: labour law, labour market, employment protection (LAS), management, employment contracts, working conditions, collective agreements.
    mia [dot] ronnmar [at] jur [dot] lu [dot] se (mia[dot]ronnmar[at]jur[dot]lu[dot]se)+46 46 222 10 92
  • Niklas Selberg, associate professor of civil law
    Areas: labour market, labour law, gig economy, labour migration, new LAS, collective agreements, industrial action.
    niklas [dot] selberg [at] jur [dot] lu [dot] se (niklas[dot]selberg[at]jur[dot]lu[dot]se), +46 46 222 11 38

  • Julian Nowag, associate professor of EU law
    Areas: EU law, EU market law and in particular state aid, competition and the internal market.
    julian [dot] nowag [at] jur [dot] lu [dot] se (julian[dot]nowag[at]jur[dot]lu[dot]se), +46 46 222 10 27
  • Xavier Groussot, professor of EU law
    Areas: EU law, EU free movement, EU and human rights, EU and administrative law, EU and constitutional law, EU and procedural law.
    xavier [dot] groussot [at] jur [dot] lu [dot] se (xavier[dot]groussot[at]jur[dot]lu[dot]se), +46 70 885 38 41 

  • Anna Nilsson, assistant lecturer in medical law
    Areas: human rights with a focus on issues of compulsory psychiatric care, equality, non-discrimination and research ethics.
    anna [dot] nilsson [at] jur [dot] lu [dot] se (anna[dot]nilsson[at]jur[dot]lu[dot]se), +46 73 599 34 85
  • Kristian Gustafsson, doctor of civil law
    Areas: family law with a special focus on children's rights and enforcement law with a special focus on foreclosure and sale of housing.
    kristian [dot] gustafsson [at] jur [dot] lu [dot] se (kristian[dot]gustafsson[at]jur[dot]lu[dot]se), +46 46 222 12 40
  • Titti Mattsson, professor of public law
    Areas: legal, social and ethical issues mainly concerning children and the elderly in social and health care.
    titti [dot] mattsson [at] jur [dot] lu [dot] se (titti[dot]mattsson[at]jur[dot]lu[dot]se), +46 70 327 74 63

  • Elsa Trolle Önnerfors, associate professor and senior lecturer in legal history
    elsa [dot] trolle_onnerfors [at] jur [dot] lu [dot] se (elsa[dot]trolle_onnerfors[at]jur[dot]lu[dot]se)+46 70 405 17 50
  • Martin Sunnqvist, professor of legal history
    martin [dot] sunnqvist [at] jur [dot] lu [dot] se (martin[dot]sunnqvist[at]jur[dot]lu[dot]se)+46 73 762 60 00

  • Richard Croneberg, senior lecturer in financial law
    Areas: Swedish, Nordic and European income tax law, combating tax evasion, fiscal policy.richard [dot] croneberg [at] jur [dot] lu [dot] se (richard[dot]croneberg[at]jur[dot]lu[dot]se), +46 70 668 34 19

Faculty press contact


Jon Eriksen

+46 46 222 10 53

Anna Wiberg

+46 46 222 11 36

 presskontakt [at] jur [dot] lu [dot] se (presskontakt[at]jur[dot]lu[dot]se)